One-Act Play & Winter Play AUDITIONS

Monday Nov. 18  -  Auditions  - 2:30pm-5pm  - BAND ROOM

Tuesday Nov. 19  -  Callbacks - One-Act  - 2:30pm-5pm  - BAND ROOM

Wednesday Nov. 20  -  Callbacks - Winter Play  - 2:30pm-5pm - BAND ROOM

Rehearsals will begin Monday Nov. 25 for the One-Act Play


Rehearsals for the Winter Play will begin Monday January 13



Please choose a monologue from the options below.  You may choose your own if preferred.  (Sample Monologues will be posted soon)


*It should be about a minute in length.

*It DOES NOT need to be memorized, but auditions shouldn't be the first time reading it. 

*Make some bold appropriate choices, think about the emotions/motives of the character


*demonstrate you put some thought into the character 

Please come to auditions with any conflicts. 

**Due to the shortened rehearsal period, conflicts may affect casting more than usual.