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Cast List

From the Director

Thank you everyone that came to audition for SHE KILLS MONSTERS. Casting a show is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You have to find the pieces that fit together. There were so many talented young people that auditioned I could have cast the show twice. If you are not cast, I encourage you to be involved with tech for this show and to audition for other shows in the future. See you Monday after school! 


Agnes: Victoria

Tilly: Niko

Chuck: Bash

Miles: Caden

Kaliope: Mia

Lilith: Evyn

Vera: Jynx

Evil Gabbi: Lailani

Evil Tina: Katelyn

Narrator: Paul

Farrah: Boimah

Steve: Landon

Orcus: Archer

Kainen, Jonas, Nova, Autumn, Megan, Adora, Blessing, Elise, Lizzy, Kazarion, Em


Assistant Director: Grant

Stage Managers: Mikey, Abby

Assistant Stage Managers: Grace, Emily

Crew Chief: Jaden

Set: Nico, Carly, Oliver, Carter

Puppet Builders: Sierra, Femi, Brinn, Avery

Lights: Lee, Emma, Aiden

Sound: Drew, Van

Props: Leah, Maya, Adrian

Costumes: Madison, Corrine, Ava, Jay

Please join the Remind group to accept your role/position!

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